Tips for Buying Eco-Friendly Baby Gifts

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If you have been invited to a friend or family members baby shower, and they are living green and plan to raise a earth-friendly baby, you may wonder what to buy. Some eco-friendly new parents want guests to give charitable doantions instead of buying gifts, but if you are not familar with green living then you may wonder where to begin when shopping for the new baby. Here are a few tips that could make your shopping a little easier, and will make the new parents happy that you support their interest in helping reduce their baby's Carbon Footprint.

Buying Green Baby Clothes

  • Look for Organic Materials Grown
    • Certified Organic Cotton
    • Organic Hemp
    • Organic Bamboo
    • Organic Wool
    • Low Impact Dyes

Many websites offer eco-friendly baby clothes and products, PUR BÉBÉhas a wide variety of organic baby products, and many are made in the USA.

  • Buy Second-Hand Clothes
    • Children's Consignment Stores
    • Vintage Baby Clothes
    • Check Craig List
    • Local Mom's Club
    • Yard Sales
    • Check Online for Used Clothes

Natural Diapering

Natural diapering doesn't have to be the plain old cloth diapers with big safety pins. There are many fashionable and green alternatives. Check out GADBaby Diapers they offer many fun colors of cloth diapers and diaper covers that will keep any green-living, fashionista mom happy.

  • Natural Skin Care
    • Synthetic Fragrance-Free
    • Paraben Free
    • No Animal Ingredients or Testing
    • No Synthetic Colors
    • Hypo-Allergenic

There are many baby skin care products, but looking for natural ingredients along with no animal testing are great areas to start your search. EthicalSuperstore.Com and Greenfeet offer a wide selection of natural baby products that will keep babies skin healthy and smooth.

Natural Baby Nutrition

Feeding baby can be healthy, easy and be within the living the green life standards. Making homemade baby food can be quick and easy if you stick to buying locally grown organic foods, and freezing baby food cubes. These cubes will make feeding baby simple and quick. If you are short on time there are many healthy organic packaged baby food products that offer convenience and healthy ingredients that will make for a healthy and happy baby.

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