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  • Type of Game: Bridal Shower Game
  • Also great for a Co-ed Bridal Shower

Guests must guess the flavors of a provided food. It can be a cake with filling and icing, jelly beans, or other food.

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  1. Provide each guest with a piece of paper and pen. 
  2. Ask them to list the flavors of the cake, filling flavor, icing flavor, etc.  If you are using odd flavors of jelly beans, you may want to purchase them in separate packs to be sure you give everyone the same flavor at the same time.
  3. Be sure to write down the flavors of the ingredients beforehand. You may want to number the packets.
  4. Provide a tie breaker in the event more than one person guesses correctly. 


Spices in cans sm.jpg
  1. Look for odd food flavors at ethnic grocery stores.
  2. Give them a list of the flavors and have them match the number of the item to the flavor.
  3. For a warm weather party, use flavors of ice cream. Again, try to find unusual flavors.
  4. Use different styles of beer and have them match the type of beer (lager, ale, etc).
  5. Use different brands of beer and have them guess the brand name of the beer.
  6. Have them smell a spice instead of eating something. A small amount can be place in a plastic bag or jar and numbered, then passed around.



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