Pin the Tie on the Groom Game

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  • Type of Game: Bridal Shower Game
  • Also great for a Co-ed Bridal Shower

This game is meant for a small group of people. Played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

  1. Take a photo of the Groom and have it blown up to poster size or buy an inexpensive poster. I can be of a hunky guy, a movie star that looks similar to the groom, or a goofy guy if you want to be funny.
  2. Cut out some bow tie shapes from construction paper, at least one for each guest.
  3. Use a push-pin or double sided tape on the back of the bow tie.
  4. Blindfold one of the guests. Give them one of the bowties and point them in the general direction of the poster.
  5. The person that gets the bowtie the closest to the correct placement on the poster wins a prize.
  6. Be sure take pictures!


  1. Use a picture of the Bride and pin on a hair bow, corsage, etc.
  2. If the groom has a uniquely identifying tattoo, take a picture of that to use instead of the bowtie. Use a poster of a hunky guy with his shirt off - if that is where the tattoo goes!



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