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  • Type of Game: Bridal Shower Game

Everyone gets to know the bride playing this game! A classic ice-breaker, the guest with the most correct answers wins the game. Give the game questionnaire to the bride to fill out in advance for your answer key. Simply open up the PDF and send it to your computer's printer for a printable Know the Bride Questionnaire.

Pdf icon.png Know the Bride Questionnaire

Know the Bride Questionnaire
1. What is the first name of the bride's mother?
2. When did the groom first notice the bride?
3. How long did it take for them to go out on their first date?
4. Where did the bride and groom have their first date?
5. Who was the bride's first crush?
6. What is the name of the bride's favorite restaurant?
7. Where is the couple going on their honeymoon?
8. What is the bride’s shoe size?
9. What is the bride's guilty pleasure?
10. What is the bride’s favorite movie star?
11. What is the name of the bride’s favorite store?
12. If the bride was spending an evening at home, what would she most likely be doing?
a. Exercising
b. Cleaning the house
c. Watching TV
d. Relaxing in a bubble bath
13. What was the bride's first impression of the groom?
a. Good looking
d. Nice but quiet
c. I didn’t think he noticed me
d. Flirty
14. Where would the bride prefer to live?
a. Mountains
b. Ocean
c. Desert
d. Lake
15. What type of dwelling would the bride prefer to live in?
a. Country Cottage
b. Luxury Condo
c. Mansion
d. High-rise Apartment
16. When the bride goes to the movies, she prefers
a. Love Story
b. Horror Film
c. Mystery
d. Comedy
e. Action
17. Where did the groom propose to the bride?
18. What type of underwear does the bride wear?
a. Thong
b. Bikini
c. Granny panties
d. None
19. Describe the bride's ring.
20. What is the bride's ring-tone for the groom?



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