Guess What's In The Sock

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  • Type of Game: Bridal Shower Game
  • Also great for a Co-ed Bridal Shower

Purchase some tube socks, and items related to the couples honeymoon destination: sunscreen, hotel key, condoms, sunglasses, sand, or flip flops. You will also need to have some paper, pens, and safety pins on hand. Place the item in the sock, tie a knot to keep item secure inside the sock. Take slips of paper and number the slips, so that there are enough for each sock, then pin a number to each sock. Ask the guests to number their papers according to how many socks you have. Then tell the guests where the couple will be honeymooning. Guests then will be asked to touch each sock to identify the contents, but that they can only touch the socks with their feet. The guests will write down their guesses, the most correct wins.



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