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  • Type of Game: Bridal Shower Game
  • This game is also called Purse Treasure Hunt, In the Bag, or What's in Your Purse?.

Hand each guest a sheet with a list of items on it that range from tampons and nickels, to receipts and lipstick. Next to each items, is a point value for the item depending on how rare it is.

The guests are then given a few minutes to search their purse to see how many of these items they can find. For each item they find that get the number of points shown on the sheet. The person with the most points earned from random things they had in their purse wins a prize.

Simply open up the PDF and send it to your computer's printer for printable Purse Treasure Hunt Game cards.

Pdf icon.png Purse Treasure Hunt

Item Points
Mascara 2 points
Tampon 1 point
Aspirin 2 points
Lipstick 1 point
Brush or Comb 1 point
Shower Invitation 3 points
Checkbook 1 point
Pen or Pencil 1 point
Something Blue 2 points
Tissues 2 points
Lotion 1 point
Guy's Phone Number 3 points
Address Book 2 points
Mirror 1 point
Panty Hose 3 points
Breath Mints 2 points
Nail Polish 2 points
Driver's License 1 point
Nail Clippers 2 points
Reading Glasses 1 point
Wedding Photo 3 points



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