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The Calendula or Marigold is considered to be the flower of October.

About the Flower

Flower Meaning: Sorrow and Sympathy

The vibrant Calendula is the Latin name for what most of us refer to as the Marigold. In Latin, "Calendula" stems from the word, "calendae", meaning the first day of the month. The word has also been translated as "a little calendar" or "little clock", and was appropriate since the flower bloomed throughout the entire calendar year. The name "Marigold" is thought to have come about when early Christians called the flower "Mary’s Gold", and placed it by statues of the Virgin Mary.

The marigold is an annual flower that blooms well even over a long season, and can be found throughout Europe, the United States, and western Asia. Just like the sunflower, the calendula blossom follows the sun.

Perhaps its meaning of Sorrow and Sympathy stems from the 19th century habit of placing it in graveyards because if its curious aroma, or, it could be that by adding these bright blooms to a sympathy bouquet, your grief will be brightened.

Send the cheerful Calendula as a gift to signify affection and grace.

Colors they come in: Yellow and Orange.

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