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The Larkspur is considered the flower for the month of July.

About the Flower

Flower Meaning: An open heart, ardent attachment, levity, and light heartedness

The colorful Larkspur belongs to the Buttercup family. It is a popular perennial that is characterized by it's tall spikes, and makes an excellent cut flower. Greek mythology tells us the Larkspur came forth from the blood of Ajax, who committed suicide by impaling himself on his sword. Where his blood fell, larkspurs grew and blossomed. On the petals of the Larkspur, the letters "AI" can be found, which is the Greek cry of mourning.

Larkspur flowers were widely used for medicinal purposes in ancient times, especially for treating wounds and killing parasites. Some believe that the Larkspur wards off scorpions and poisonous snakes, which may be true, as it's commonly known as an insectaside, and can be poisonous to some farm animals. Warnings exist about planting this flower where children are present, as well.

Sending larkspurs as a gift to someone can mean that you place a high value on laughter and the purity of the heart.

Colors they come in: Red, pink, violet and white.

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