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Do you know which country celebrates Bastille Day and when it is celebrated? How about when the Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated in China? Giftypedia's International Holidays can answer these questions and more on international celebrations and holidays.

Here you will find celebrations and holidays for different countries around the world. Show your gifty side to your international friends and remember them on a holiday from their heritage. Also, don't forget to consult the International Gift Customs for gift giving etiquette for different countries. You don't want to make a cultural faux pas when it comes to giving gifts.

Brazil flag sm.jpg FlagofCanada.png Flag of china on blue field sm.jpg Flag of Ireland.png FlagofPoland.png Russiaflag.png

Flag of France sm.jpg FlagofDenmark.jpg FlagofHungary.png JapanFlag.jpg FlagofSpain.png Flag of Mexico.png

Help us build our International Holidays by contributing holidays and celebrations from your country. Or, if you're interested in seeing holidays from a particular country, please let us know.

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