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January 1st
  • New Year's Day (Jour de l'an)
January 6th
  • Epiphany (Epiphanie)
February 14th
  • St. Valentine's Day (Saint-Valentin)
April 1st
  • April Fool's Day (Poisson d'Avril)
April 4th (varies)
  • Easter (Pâques)
April 5th (varies)
  • Easter Monday
May 1st
May 8th
  • WWII Victory Day (Fête de la Victoire 1945; Fête du huitième mai)
May 13th (varies)
  • Ascension Day (l'Ascencion)
May 23rd (varies)
  • Pentecost (la Pentecôte)
May 23rd (varies)
  • Whit Sunday
May 24th (varies)
  • Whit Monday
May 30th (Last Sunday in May except if it coincides with Pentecost)
  • Mother's Day
June 20th (Third Sunday of June)
July 14th
  • Bastille Day (Fête nationale)
August 15th
  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Assomption)
November 1st
  • All Saints Day (La Toussaint)
November 11th
  • Armistice Day (Jour d'armistice)
November 28th (varies)
  • First Advent
December 5th (varies)
  • Second Advent
December 12th (varies)
  • Third Advent
December 19th (varies)
  • Fourth Advent
December 25th
  • Christmas Day (Noël)
December 26th
  • 2nd Day of Christmas (in Alsace and Lorraine only)
December 26th
  • St. Stephen's Day
December 31st
  • New Year's Eve

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