Puerto Rican Holidays

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January 1st
January 5th
  • Eve of Epiphany
January 6th
  • Three Kings Day / Epiphany (Día de Reyes)
January 11th
  • Birthday of Eugenio María de Hostos (Second Monday in January)
February 15th (Third Monday in February)
  • President's Day
February 13-16 (Until Tuesday before Ash Wednesday)
February 17th (First Day of Lent - varies)
  • Ash Wednesday
March 22nd
  • Emancipation Day
April 2nd (Friday before Easter Sunday)
  • Good Friday
April 4th (varies)
  • Good Friday
April 19th (Third Monday in April)
  • Birthday of José de Diego
May 31st (Last Monday in May)
  • Memorial Day
June 24th
  • St. John's Day
July 4th
July 25th
  • Commonwealth Constitution Day
September 6th (First Monday in September)
October 11th (Second Monday in October)
November 11th
  • Veteran's Day
November 19th
  • Discovery of Puerto Rico
November 25th (Fourth Thursday in November)
December 24th
  • Christmas Eve
December 25th
December 28th
  • Day of the Innocents
December 31st
  • New Year's Eve

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