Egyptian Holidays

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January 1st (according to the Gregorian calendar )
January 7th
January 25th
  • Egypt Police Day
February 26th (varies)
  • Birth of the Prophet (Moulid El Nabi)
March 3rd
  • Sportsmen's Day
March 21st
April 5th (Monday following Orthodox Easter)
  • Spring Festival (Sham el Nesim)
April 25th
  • Sinai Liberation Day
April 28th (varies)
May 1st
June 18th
  • Evacuation Day (Eid el-Galaa)
July 23rd
  • Revolution Day
August 15th
  • Flooding of the Nile (Wafaa Elnil)
September 10th - 13th (varies - religious holiday for 3 days)
  • End of Ramadan/Bairam Feast (Eid ul-Fitr)
September 11th
  • Coptic New Year
October 6th
  • Armed Forces Day
October 21st
  • Egyptian Naval Day
October 24th
  • Suez Day / Popular Resistance Day
November 15th
  • Day of Arafat
November 16th - 19th (varies - religious holiday for 4 days)
  • Festival of Sacrifice (Eid al-Adha)
December 7th (varies - based on the lunar Islamic calendar)
  • Islamic New Year
December 23rd
  • Victory Day

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