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While not officially listed as a word in the dictionary (yet), the adjective gifty has been increasingly used since at least 1999. As of January 19th, 2011, Google returned about 310,000 search results for gifty. As of February 19th, 2013, the count increased to approximately 2,100,000 search results.[1]

[edit] Definition of Gifty

gift·y [gif-tee]

adjective, gift·i·er, gift·i·est.

  1. Having or showing skill in the practice of gift giving or knowledge of gift giving customs or etiquette.
  2. Describes someone who likes giving gifts for events and occasions beyond what is considered typical or customary.
  3. An occasion or event that is well suited for gift giving.
  4. A gift that is extremely thoughtful or creatively tied to the recipient or the gift giving occasion.

[Origin: 1999-2007; GIFT]

Related forms

gift·i·ly, adverb

gift·i·ness or gift·y·ness, noun

[edit] Usage Examples of Gifty / Time Line

[edit] Alternate Usages

[edit] Notes

  1. In the time period, between 2011 and 2013, there appears to be significantly more search results related to the alternate forms of gifty. Thus, it has become more difficult to track the popularity of the gifty term solely in relation to the gift giving context. On 2/13 data point, we did search on gifty gift which returned over 4 million search results, though it's difficult to determine to what extent synonym mapping could cause that count to be inflated.

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