Moroccan Holidays

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January 1st
January 11th
  • Independence Manifesto Day
February 26th (varies)
  • Birth of the Prophet Mohamed (Eid Al Mawled)
May 1st
July 9th
  • Youth Day (King Hassan's Birthday)
July 30th
  • Feast of the Throne (Enthronement, Eid Al-Ârch)
August 11th (varies)
  • Ramadan Begins
August 14th
  • Allegiance Day (Oued Ed-Dahab Day, Commemoration of Oued Eddahab)
August 20th
  • King and People's Revolution Day
August 21st
  • King Mohammed’s Birthday
September 10th (varies)
  • End of Ramadan (Eid el-Fitr)
November 6th
  • Anniversary of the Green March
November 16th - 19th (varies)
  • Feast of the Sacrifice) (Eid al-Kebir or Eid al-Adha, Commemoration of Abraham's Sacrifice)
November 18th
  • Independence Day
December 7th (varies)
  • Islamic New Year (Fatih Muharram)

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