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January 1st
February 14th
February 16th
February 17th (varies)
  • Ash Wednesday
March 8th (varies)
  • Commonwealth Day
March 14th (3 weeks before Easter)
April 2nd (Friday before Easter)
  • Good Friday Bank Holiday
April 4th (varies)
April 5th (Monday after Easter)
  • Easter Monday Bank Holiday
April 21st
  • The Queen's Birthday Actual date. See also June 2nd.
April 23rd
  • St George's Day Patron Saint of England
May 1st
May 3rd
  • Early May Bank Holiday
May 31st (varies)
  • Spring Bank Holiday
June 2nd
  • Coronation Day
June 12th (varies)
  • Trooping the Colour
    The Queen's Official Birthday
June 20th (Third Sunday of June)
June 21st -July 4th
  • Wimbledon
July 15th
  • St. Swithun's Day / St Swithin's Day
August 30th (varies)
  • Summer Bank Holiday
September 15th
  • Battle of Britain Day
September 25th (Sunday Nearest the Harvest Moon)
  • Harvest Festival
October 21st
  • Trafalgar Day
October 31st
November 1st
  • All Saints Day
November 2nd
  • All Souls Day
November 5th
November 11th
  • Armistice Day
November 14th (varies)
  • Remembrance Sunday/Veterans Day
    Also known as Poppy Day
December 25th
December 26th

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