Brazilian Holidays

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January 1st
  • New Year's Day (Confraternização Universal, Ano Novo)
February 13-16 (Until Tuesday before Ash Wednesday)
  • Carnival
February 17th (44 days before Good Friday)
  • Ash Wednesday (Quarta-feira de Cinzas)
April 1st (Thursday before Easter)
  • Maundy Thursday
April 2nd (varies)
  • Good Friday
April 4th (varies)
  • Easter
April 19th
  • Indian's Day (Dia do Índio)
April 21st
  • Tiradentes Day
May 1st
  • Labor Day/May Day (Dia do Trabalho)
May 9th (Second Sunday in May)
June 3rd (62 days after Good Friday)
  • Corpus Christi Day
August 8th (Second Sunday in August)
August 25th
  • Soldier's Day (Dia do Soldado)
September 7th
  • Independence Day (Dia da Independência)
October 12th
  • Our Lady of Aparecida (Nossa Senhora de Aparecida)
October 31st
  • Halloween (Dia das Bruxas)
November 2nd
  • All Souls Day (Dia de Finados)
November 15th
  • Proclamation of the Republic Day (Proclamação da República)
December 25th
  • Christmas Day (Natal)
December 31th
  • New Year's Eve

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