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A retirement happens once in a lifetime. When a person retires, the company he was working for plan a retirement party as a mark of respect and farewell to the long-serving employee. Planning a retirement party can be a fun way to look back over the life of the retiree while make fun of his life after retirement.

[edit] Retirement Party Ideas

Things That Don't Work – Have guest bring in broken gifts that cannot be fixed. This can include broken watches, VCRs, radios, microwaves, phones or anything that is old and broken. Anything that is old and no longer works.

No More Alarm Clocks – Wrap an alarm clock in a towel and break it. This signifies that the retiree no longer has to get up to go to work.

Lost Marbles – Place a large jar on the retirees table. Have the guest drop a marble in the jar as they pass by the table. When the jar is full let the retiree know that they are all the marbles they have lost on the job over the years.

Retiree's Throne – Decorate an old wheel chair or a rocking chair with an old shawl that can be placed on the retiree's frail shoulders.

Pin the Tie on the Retiree – Blow up a picture of the retiree and have the guess pin the tie or glasses on the retiree.

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Learning New Things – Have the guest suggest post retirement activities. These include how to program a VCR, digital camera, burn CDs, or the fundamentals to watching grass grow.

[edit] Retirement Gift Ideas

Memories of the retirement party may fade but retirement gifts are something that will ensure the moments are not forgotten. A retirement gift can be expensive and rare, or it can be very personal, which is able to put the emotions and feelings of the employer and other employees into form.

Watches - Some larger companies give an expensive watch as a token for the years of service the employee dedicated to the company.

Books – Find out what the retirees favorite hobby is and give them books on that topic. This shows you know something about your co-worker besides just work.

Music – If they are a music lover you can give them a mp3 player, which is portable with a collection of his or her favorite music and CDs.

Wine - If the person is a wine lover then giving them the gift of wine will be appreciated.

Commemorative Box - A commemorative box they could keep their personal items in. It could even be personalized with their retirement date.

Gag Gifts - These should be done with care. You don't want to give an offensive gift instead you want the gift to be funny and mildly embarrassing. Gifts that poke fun at the new life of the retiree work best.

A retirement party is a time to look back over the retiree's career and to joke about their future but do not forget about the importance of the retirement gift. It has to be in line with his personality and interests. Whatever your gift, make sure it fulfills the basic requirements of a good retirement present and not a last minute gift idea.

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