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Some people are naturally gifted when it comes to gift giving. For others, upcoming birthdays and holidays are a source of gift anxiety. Either due to genetic disposition or lack of practice (we believe it is the latter), guys tend to fall into the second group.

In actuality, giving good gifts isn't really that hard. Below are a few tips to help take the challenge out of finding great gifts. Perhaps with a little practice, you might even start to be recognized for your giftiness -- and that's not a bad thing.

Guysgiftytipslisten.jpg 1. Listen for clues.
People tend to talk about the things they like, or would like to have. Tune in to learn about their hobbies and things they are into. Some women are notorious at dropping hints for gifts they want, especially around the holidays or when a particular occasion is coming up. Listen for keywords like, I loved that..., did you see..., wouldn't it be nice..., this would go well with.... Words and phrases like those could give you a tremendous insight on what a great gift would be.
Guysgiftytipshelp.jpg 2. Look for clues.
Similar to the first tip, only using your eyes this time. If you have a luxury of visiting their house, or even their cubicle at work, you can gain some valuable insights into their personality and the things they like. What is their personality -- neat, casual, professional, fun, introspective, family oriented, pet lover? Do they collect anything? If you aren't able to get this perspective, then be a detective and talk to someone who knows them.
GuysGiftyTipsHeart.jpg 3. Make it meaningful.
People can usually tell if you really took some time and thought about the gift; women are especially good at this. A gift that comes from your heart is much more meaningful and will be remembered for a lifetime. One good way to make a gift meaningful is to tie it into either their interest, their personality or to the occasion being celebrated. Personalized gifts are usually a great way to add that extra personal touch. Making your own gift, if done well, can give you many bonus points on the meaningful side. Giving a little something extra with the gift to make it more personal is always recognized.
Guysgiftytipsromantic.jpg 4. Mix it up!
Flowers are a great gift (especially if you know their meanings), though, they'll quickly lose their luster if they're given too often. People love surprises. Aside from its decorative and presentation qualities, that's why wrapping paper is so popular -- to add to the element of surprise. To this end, use your computer to keep track of what you give people. Then, the next time you shop for them you'll know what you've given in the past and can surprise them with something different. Another great way to surprise someone is to give them a gift when it's not expected. Just because gifts are an awesome way to show your gifty side. Another way, is to pick an obscure holiday that matches their personality or interest and surprise them with a gift to celebrate the holiday.
Man on computer.jpg 5. Use the Internet.
With a couple of clacks on the keyboard and a few clicks of the mouse, you have accesses to millions of gifts from thousands of stores. You can find just about anything for almost anyone. You just can't beat the selection the Internet has to offer. Better yet, you can shop quickly and comfortably at home (or in the office), anytime that's convenient. If the gift recipient lives in another town, the Internet also saves you a trip to the store and to the post office -- saving you both time and gas.
Early start.jpg 6. Start early.
Nothing kills the creative process like procrastination (remember those last minute term papers). Starting early will give you time to do some quick research and let your creativity percolate. Not only will you save time and effort, but it gives you more good choices to choose from. Personalized gifts are a great way to make a gift memorable, but many online stores need an extra 2 to 7 days to handle a personalized request. If you wait until the last minute, then even buying online is no longer an option. Then, you're left with hustling through a mall at the last minute trying to find something -- good luck.

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