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The days of greed and gluttony are officially over! In this tough economy, it may be best to start choosing practical over the absurd; commonsensical over the ridiculous. And, it wouldn't hurt to throw in a little humor to keep the budget blues away. In this vein, we've offered up a gift guide in an effort to help us all get through the tough times.


Retractable Clothesline

Save a little on your energy bill with a Retractable Clothesline. Featuring up to 8 feet of line on which to hang your wet clothes, this old-fashioned product will leave your laundry smelling outdoor fresh. Can be used indoors, too!


Canvas Veggie Bags

Waste not, want not! Canvas Bags will keep your onions and potatoes lasting longer. They're lined with black to block-out light, prohibiting your vegetables from deteriorating quickly. They're reusable, and are also great for garlic, carrots and other fresh produce as well.


For the Wine Connoisseur

These are not the days of wine and roses, so cheap wine may have to do if you're in a pinch! If you know someone who enjoys a glass (or two) of the good stuff, they may just need to alter their taste buds to suit the economy. This Personalized Carafe from could help ease their pain.


The Spork

Don't waste that extra water washing both a spoon and a fork! Take care of the problem with a Spork! This amazing utensil is heat resistant, teflon safe and won't melt in the microwave or dishwasher. What more do you need?


The Lunch Tote

If you're tightening the budget and eating lunch in at work, consider carrying a Lunch Tote. Nowadays, many of these are stylish and made of insulated neoprene to keep things cold or warm. And, many also come with separate bottle and food compartments. You can choose your color, too. Perfect for any personality.


Working Mother Magazine

Did Mom need to go back to work? Help her get through the rough transition with a subscription to "Working Mother" Magazine. It features lots of great articles, quick dinner recipes and so much more that will not only help to alleviate Mom's fears, but also will give her a road map to success as she embarks on this new journey.


The Coin Purse

Every penny counts! A coin purse is a great place to keep your pennies and all the rest of your loose change. You'll be surprised how much you can save hanging onto all of those coins. The Lucky Beggar Coin Purse has a humorous twist. But, in all seriousness, proceeds from the sale of these purses will actually go to help the truly homeless.


Coupon Organizers

Most of us find ourselves pinching pennies in the grocery store. Coupon Organizers like this one will help you keep those little scraps of paper organized so that you can stretch your food dollar a little bit further.


Helpful Hints Book Set

What did they do in the old days before chemical cleaning products, insectisides, and bath & body products were plentiful? They used every-day household items! A will help you save both time and money with only three common products: salt, vinegar and baking soda.


Bread Saver

Tired of seeing your bread go moldy or stale? Stop the waste, and make it last a little longer with a Bread Storage Container.


Budget Travel Magazine

If you love to travel, but can't afford Conde Nast style luxury, check out Budget Travel Magazine. This magazine highlights the hidden gems that allow you to pursue your passion without breaking your bank.


Rain Barrels

Today it's more important than ever to conserve water. Rain Barrels are great for landscaping and gardening, are environmentally sound and help to reduce your water bill as well.


Homemade Salad Dressing

Homemade dressing is usually tastier, and definitely less expensive than buying pre-made dressings. They're typically lighter in calories as well!


A Little Voodoo

Whether it's aimed at George Bush, Timothy Geithner, or the executives at AIG, this little Voodoo Doll from Office Playground might just help you relieve the stress and frustration you feel every time you turn on the news!


The Tire Pressure Gauge

Keeping your car tires properly inflated is proven to save money on gas. You may want to invest in a professional Pressure Gauge which may seem high-tech, but it's easy to use. Many even include a programmable memory to store the correct pressures for up to 4 vehicles.


Handheld Fans

Turn off that air conditioning this summer and cool yourself off the way grandma did it. You'll be surprised at the nice breeze a fan can create! This gorgeous Handmade Spanish Fan is made of lightweight wood and fits easily in your purse. From


Wake Me When It's Over Sweatshirt

For those who simply can't handle the truth, perhaps this humorous Sweatshirt from Cafe Press would be appropriate. At least it'll keep them warm when the heat's been turned off!


The Outdoor Survival Guide

If things get really bad, consider giving the "Outdoor Survivial Skills" Book by Larry Olsen. This 272 page manual from OnlineSports teaches you how to build a shelter, start a fire, and harvest and prepare foods - even make your own fish hooks! An indispensable guide for those who are really "on the outs"!

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