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Time to celebrate family! What better way to reconnect with one's family heritage than an old-fashioned family reunion? A reunion allows families to gather together to reminisce times gone by and pass family history on to the younger generation. A happy occasion, a reunion offers families time to celebrate love and togetherness aside from the more serious milestones like weddings and funerals.

But, if the thought of all your family members gathered together in your home with little to do makes you nervous, there are ways to make your next family reunion more enjoyable for everyone. Many families choose to have their family reunion during the summer to take advantage of outdoor activities and games. Some families, to ensure entertainment, have gone so far as to adopt the 'made-up' Festivus holiday for their annual family reunion to feast and air their grievances, just for the fun of it.

Reunion gifts are given as a gesture of love and loyalty between family members. Although traditionally sentimental in nature, gifts for the family reunion have evolved beyond the normal t-shirts, keychains, and group photos. There are DIY gifts you can make to honor family. And online, you will find websites that provide unique and appealing gift ideas to help turn your next family reunion into a more memorable and entertaining experience.

[edit] Gift Ideas for the Family Reunion

Experience Gifts
Need to get everyone out of the house for a few hours?
Providing experience gifts can be fun and rewarding for everyone. If your reunion is in a major city, a city-wide scavenger hunt will provide hours of entertainment while people learn unique things about the city. Cloud 9 Living and Watson Adventures provides gift certificates for scavenger hunts in major cities throughout the nation.
Gift Cards
Does Uncle Bob like to hit the links as soon as he gets somewhere?
Showtime Golf offers gift cards for tee time on some of the most renowned courses in San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Palm Springs. Teetime USA offers gift cards for golf courses in Florida.
Personalized Gifts
Do you want to capture those precious memories as a parting memento for your reunion?
Making memories come to life specializes in producing DVD slide shows made from the photos and videos that you provide to them. Jigsaw2order offers special, made-to-order personalized jigsaw puzzles that are created from your photos. Family members can interact for hours putting the puzzle together. The website also suggests creating invitations from the puzzle pieces. The idea is to have family members come to the reunion with pieces of the puzzle to be put together for the photo collage puzzle.
Giving out the obligatory t-shirt?
The family reunion t-shirt is a tradition at a family reunion. How about making the t-shirt a part of a gift basket for each arriving member? Make each one unique with various items that your family will appreciate. Design it yourself is a website that specializes in creating unique gift baskets for all types of occasions. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can always create your own gift baskets.
Need a frugal favor idea?
Collect free promotional calendars and write in all of the birthdays (including ages), anniversaries (including years married) of all family members to give as favors. Make sure you mark the dates of the next family reunion, plus all holidays and special occasions celebrated with family.

Hosting a family reunion can be a stressful experience, but with these gift ideas, you can turn your family reunion into a fun and nostalgic event for all. Plus, choosing a destination for the location can turn a family reunion into a family vacation.

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