National Carrot Cake Day

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When Celebrated

Always on February 3rd


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About the Holiday

National Carrot Cake Day celebrates this tasty and healthy dessert that can be made as a loaf, sheet cake, layer cake or as cup cakes. Main ingredient is grated carrots which softens when cooked and is often made with raisins, walnuts, and cream cheese frosting. Carrot cake was a popular trend in the 1970s though adding carrots instead of sugar to sweeten cakes and desserts dates back to the Middle Ages when sugar was scarce and expensive though carrots were easy to come buy. Using carrots in dessert became popular again in Britain after World War II when sugar was rationed but carrots were accessible. Carrots are second only in sweetness to sugar beets.

Gift Guidelines

  • Black Forest Cake
  • Cake pan

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