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Did You Know?

  • Amethyst is February's birthstone.
  • Amethyst is the US State Gemstone[1] of South Carolina and the Canadian State Gemstone of Ontario, Canada.

Colors of Amethyst

Violet geode sm.jpg

Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz and the most valued member of the quartz family. It must be purple to be amethyst, but it can display a range of shades including deep purple, light lilac, lavender and mauve. Top quality amethyst is a deep medium purple with rose-colored flashes. Its purple color made it a stone of royalty for many thousands of years.

Most amethyst gemstones on the market today are heat-treated to produce a deeper color. Heat treating is permanent and these stones will not fade over time. Unless otherwise stated, assume that any amethyst you purchase today has been heat treated to increase the depth of color. Hardness - On the Moh's scale of hardness, Amethyst is a 7.

The Story of Amethyst

What's in a Name

Amethyst gets is name from the Ancient Greek word 'amethustos' meaning not to intoxicate. Ancient Greeks thought if you drank from a cup containing amethyst gemstone would ward off intoxication.

Legends and Powers of Amethyst

Violet heart shaped gem.jpg
Amethyst ring sm.jpg

Greek legend tells of Dionysus, the god of intoxication, having been insulted by a mortal and swore revenge on the next mortal who crossed his path. He then creating fierce tigers to carry out his revenge. The mortal turned out to be a beautiful young woman, Amethystos, who was on her way to pay tribute to Artemis. Her life is spared by Artemis, who transforms the maiden into a statue of pure crystalline quartz to protect her from the tigers brutal claws. Dionysus wept tears of wine in remorse for his action at the sight of the beautiful statue. The god's tears stained the quartz purple.

The Amethyst is the stone of St. Valentine, who is said to have always worn it.

During the Middle Ages if an amethyst in the shape of a heart set in silver was presented by a lady to her beloved, it was said to confer the greatest possible earthly happiness on the pair.[2]

The amethyst is thought to bring good fortune in war and in the hunt, drive out evil spirits and inspire the intellect. Amethyst has been used for hearing disorders, insomnia, headaches and other pain. Some sources suggest it is used to stabilize mental disorders and to make the wearer gentle and amiable.

Amethyst is said to to be a very powerful aid to creative thinking.

Amethyst Gift Ideas

  • A Rosary consisting of Amethyst beads is said to attract soothing influences in times of stress.
  • Buddhist Prayer Beads known as Juzu or Hand Mala are given as milestone gifts in Japan to celebrate a birth, marriage, or coming-of-age. They are also given as a keepsake gift and a source of protection to loved ones.
  • Amethyst Jewelry is a wonderful modern gift for a 33rd wedding anniversary.
  • A Pointed Amethyst Crystal, loose or in pendants, is one of the stones used to align the third eye chakra.
  • A Dreamcatcher with an amethyst accent stone makes a thoughtful housewarming gift.
  • An Amethyst Sphere Paperweight as a gift for a new job is used promote a healthy atmosphere in a home or office.
  • A Amethyst Cluster Crystal Growing Kit makes an unusual educational gift for both children and adults.
  • An Amethyst Engagement Ring is becoming popular as a symbol of ones everlasting love[3].

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