National Margarita Day

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When Celebrated

Always on February 22nd


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About the Holiday

Hopefully, "Would you like salt on your glass?" is the toughest question that you'll have to answer on National Margarita Day. Several people claim to be the inventor of the margarita so no one really knows the true identity of the inventor. The main ingredient of a margarita is tequila with Cointreau or Triple Sec. Most tequila is made in Mexico and comes in three kinds: Gold Tequila, Tequila Anejo and White Tequila. This is a perfect day to invite some friends over and do a pot luck Margarita bar. Each guest can bring an ingredient (tequila, different margarita mixes, lime, salt, ice)

Gift Guidelines

  • Margarita glasses
  • Margarita mix
  • Bottle of tequila
  • Jimmy Buffet CD

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