National Orange Blossom Day

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When Celebrated

Always on June 27th


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About the Holiday

National Orange Blossom Day is a holiday to celebrate the versatile orange blossom. It's state flower of Florida as well as one of the more pleasantly fragrant flowers. It is also a popular drink invented back in the times of Prohibition when the bathtub gin was harsh to drink straight up.[1]

We were unable to track down the origins of this holiday, so we're not entirely sure if Orange Blossom Day refers to the flower itself or the drink invented during the prohibition. Many of the references and blogs we did find celebrating this holiday were referencing the drink. Though, many others were referencing Orange Blossom food recipes. At this point, we're inclined to celebrate the Orange Blossom itself and its variety of uses.

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  1. Tasty Gardener: Orange Blossom

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