Look on the Bright Side Day

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When Celebrated

Always on December 21st


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About the Holiday

Look on the Bright Side Day falls on winter solstice which is the darkest and shortest day of the year. While it's true that today is the year's darkest, tomorrow starts the trend toward brightening things up again. In that spirit, try to see that your cup half full and try to find the positive on things that may appear negative. Merriam-Webster.com's definition of optimism is "1.) a feeling or belief that good things will happen in the future; 2.) a feeling or belief that what you hope for will happen".

So, be optimistic and smile more today. Many times when one door closes, another one opens. And if you truly believe good things are bound to happen, they just may!

Gift Guidelines

  • Smiley face poster or t-shirt
  • Uplifting book, magnet, mug
  • Motivational poster
  • Funny movie
  • Gag gift

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