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When Celebrated

Always on June 8th


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About the Holiday

Upsy Daisy Day, or UDD, is a day to remind us to get up gloriously, gratefully and gleefully each morning. Each day is a gift, and being able to wake up to start another one is an opportunity. If you're having trouble waking up the UDD way, then use this day as a starting point to take a new direction. Every journey begins with a single step. Make that first step today -- it doesn't have to be a big one. Perhaps, the first step is as simple as starting today in a grateful and positive mood.

This holiday was created in 2003 by Stephanie West Allen where her desire was to make humor, laughter and a positive attitude part of the UDD way. These qualities are important for health, relaxation, creativity and much more.[1]

Gift Guidelines

  • A "gentle wake" alarm clock
  • Gourmet ground coffee to coffee grinder
  • Bath robe and slippers
  • Cereal

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