World Smile Day

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When Celebrated

Always the first Friday in October


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About the Holiday

"Smile and the world smiles with you." World Smile Day is one day each year that has been dedicated to smiles and acts of kindness throughout the world; where politics, religion or nationality do not matter. This holiday was created by Harvey Ball the originator of the Smiley Face, one of the most recognized symbols of happiness on the planet. He created this holiday out of concern that his symbol was being overly commercialized and wanted to return focus to the Smiley Face's original message of happiness and kindness. Visit the World Smile Day official website for more information.

Gift Guidelines

  • Smiley Face memorabilia
  • Gag gift
  • Something that makes someone smile
  • Do a kind act for someone
  • Pass out smiley face candies or stickers

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