Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party

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The Bachelorette party or Hen Party is like the Bachelor party for the groom to be, a way to have one last night with your single friend before she starts her new life as a married woman. Anyone can host a Bachelorette party, but if you are the one in charge of throwing the Bachelorette Party you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the details. Hosting the Bachelorette Party takes planning and organization to create a night that she will remember fondly for years to come. Below are a few tips and Bachelorette Party ideas that will make planning the party easier...

Bachelorette Party Tips
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Set the date for the party so that is does not conflict with any of the other wedding related events and parties that are scheduled. The bachelorette party should not be planned for the night before the wedding as many of the quests will also be attending the wedding. You want everyone rested and looking good for the big day.

The guest list should be compiled by you and the bride to be. Deciding who will be attending the party can have a bearing on where and what festivities will be planned for the evening.

The location, when it comes to choosing where to have the party there are many options. You can have a nice dinner party at a friend’s house or a night visiting her favorite hang outs as a single woman. The personality of the bride to be should be considered in all of the bachelorette party planning.

The type of food that will be served, choosing the location can help in deciding the menu. Finger foods, hors d’oeuvres, or a full meal can be served at the bachelorette party. A pot luck where everyone brings a dish is good for parties being held at someone's home.

The theme for the party can be chosen to match the personality of the bride to be. You can hire a masseuse and have a pampering night to give the bride a time to relax. Or if she is more on the wild side, a night on the town with good food and dancing might be the way to go.

The gifts for the bachelorette party can also follow the theme of the party. Gag gifts are very popular for this type of party and games are also fun activities for bachelorette parties.

If alcoholic beverages will be served at the party ensure that designated drivers are available to get everyone home safely. Another consideration would be to hire a limousine to take care of the transportation for the party.







Bachelorette Party Themes

  • Lingerie Party Invite guests over for a night of drinks, food, gossip, and gorgeous lingerie. Guests will bring a gift of sexy undergarments that the future bride can model for her hubby on their wedding night.
  • Spa Party The bride-to-be and guests can plan to visit a spa or get all the needed supplies to have a night of pampering at home and don't for get the chick flicks.
  • Slumber Party Channel your inner teenager and invite all the girls over for pillow fights, beauty shop, late night snacks, and romantic movies.
  • Weekend with the Girls Plan a get away with the girls, like a good old-fashioned road trip, a wine tasting tour or a weekend hitting the casino.
  • Into the Great Outdoors If the bride-to-be is the adventurer type that loves to hike, mountain bike, surf, snowboard then plan an adventure trip for the gang. Just remember to keep in mind the guest list some of them may have limitations and may not want to rough-it in the backwoods.
  • Sun, Sand and Relaxation Plan a trip to the beach, but make it special by renting a luxurious beach house. Invite the bride's friends and family for a weekend of working on their tans and relaxing with their toes in the sand.
  • Scavenger Hunt Invite the guests for a night of fun and laughs while going around town while the bride-to-be searches for her treasures. Create a list of fun and exciting challenges that the future bride has to complete before the night is over. The list of activities can be as racy or as mild as you want to create, and make sure to have a camera or video camera to document the moment. An alternative is to split up in teams and see which teams can complete the list first.

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