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When Celebrated

Always on February 2nd


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About the Holiday

Sled Dog Day honors the heroic dogs that since the 10th century have been one of the main modes of transportation in parts of the far upper north. It's amazing to think that they can manage such cold temperatures, the slippery snow and ice, and still have the stamina and strength to pull a weighed down sled for up to 25 miles in a stretch while averaging 20 miles per hour.[1] Doing that type of work definitely deserves a holiday!

While we have not been able to conclusively find the origin of this holiday, we suspect that it is related to the 1925 serum run to Nome, Alaska, or otherwise known as the Great Race of Mercy. Nome was suffering from an outbreak of diphtheria and badly needed antitoxin. A sled dog relay covered 674 miles in five and a half days, a still standing record, to deliver the antitoxin in the morning of February 2nd to save the city.[2]

Gift Guidelines

  • Experience gift with a sled dog team
  • Trip to Alaska
  • A sled
  • Sled dog model

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