National Rum Day

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When Celebrated

Always on August 16th


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About the Holiday

National Rum Day celebrates this versatile alcholic beverage made from molasses or sugarcane juice. The two main types of rum are light and dark. states that "Rum is one of the oldest liquors in the world as some of the first traces of rum production dates all the way back to the 17th century and the Caribbean sugarcane plantations. The term "rum" was first used in The Colony of Connecticut in the year 1654."

Some popular beverages made with rum include Rum Runner, Mojito, Captain & Coke, Hurricane, Hot Buttered Rum, Bahama Mama, Mai Tai and classics like a Manhattan or a rum Old Fashioned.

Gift Guidelines

  • Bottle of rum
  • Rum drink mixers
  • Bar glassware

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