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When Celebrated

First Saturday in November and/or August 9th


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About the Holiday

Book Lovers Day is a holiday for all book lovers and reading. Reading is a great relaxing hobby and also an important one. Reading can also be informative and educational. Grab a book and find a nice relaxing quiet spot to read. Or, use this holiday as your motivation to start a neighborhood book club.

Did you know?[1][2][3][4]

  • Children who read the most, read the best regardless of their social level.
  • Fifeteen yearold students whose parents read to them often in their first year of school show markedly higher PISA scores.
  • Children learn an average of 4-12 thousand new words each year through reading.
  • Early books didn't have titles, authors or anything printed on the cover.
  • Books used to be shelved backwards with the spine in back and that pages toward the front.
  • The first ebook was patented in Spain by teacher Angela Ruiz in 1949 to decrease the number of books her students had to carry.
  • One tree can produce about 50 books.
  • On average in the US, 57 books are purchased per second.
  • It took Noah Webster 36 years to write his first dictionary.

Gift Guidelines

  • Book by a favorite author
  • Book light
  • Bookmark
  • make a bookmark
  • Gift card to favorite bookstore
  • Subscription to book club
  • Kindle or similar reading device
  • An ebook

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