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When Celebrated

Always on November 1st


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About the Holiday

National Authors Day is a day to show your appreciation for your favorite author. Nellie Verne Burt McPherson, president of an Illinois Woman's club, a teacher and avid reader came up with the idea. But it was her granddaughter, Sue Cole, her granddaughter, that was responsible for promoting this holiday her grandmother's death in 1968.

Authors give us information, interesting subjects, and for some, even fantasies. Books can be fact or fiction. It can take months or even years to write, rewrite, and edit a book. Some famous authors include: Agatha Christie, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Dr. Seuss, J.K. Rowling, Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, James Patterson, and Danielle Steel.

Gift Guidelines

  • A book (perhaps autographed by the author)
  • Reading glasses
  • Reading lamp

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