Wrong Way Corrigan Day

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When Celebrated

Always on July 17th


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About the Holiday

Wrong Way Corrigan Day celebrates an American aviator named Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan. Born in Galveston, TX, Jan 22, 1907, he resolved that, after Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic he would, as well. Being of Irish decent, he chose Dublin, Ireland as his transatlantic destination. Though in his pursuit, he was always denied due to his lack of experience and because aviation officials didn't think his plane would make it. In 1938 he was to fly from Long Beach, CA to New York, and then back. But, on his return trip which took off on July 17th, he claims that due to heavy cloud cover he misread his compass and instead of flying back ended up going in the wrong direction and mistakenly ended up in Dublin. When he returned to New York, he had a hero's welcome and ticker tape parade. He always denied that he that he did that on purpose.

Gift Guidelines

  • Model airplane
  • Compass
  • Airplane weather vane
  • Propeller Fan or letter opener

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