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When Celebrated

Always on December 31st


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About the Holiday

After going through a full year of holidays, we've found that there's pretty much a day for everything. And with Unlucky Day, the last day of the year is no exception. Why would we want to celebrate being unlucky, let alone dedicate a day to the cause? Not sure. How did this holiday come about? Not sure.

Perhaps, it has something to do with there being 12 months in the year, instead of 13. Maybe, this unlucky day is in exchange for not having a 13th month -- meaning we're accepting one unlucky day for not having an entire unlucky month. Is it even possible for everybody to have an unlucky day? You'd think in many cases that if someone was unlucky, there'd be someone else who'd benefit from the other party's bad luck. For example, if one team has really bad luck to lose a game, then the other team would have had good luck to win it.

Too much to ponder. Especially, since our new year's resolutions are almost due and that December 31st also happens to be Make Up Your Mind Day. If you choose to celebrate Unlucky Day, we'd take the perspective that perhaps it's good to designate all your bad luck to one day to get it out of the way before the new year starts. At least this holiday usually falls on a non-work day for most people, which hopefully should keep most bad luck from affecting someone's job status (hint: stay off of Facebook & Twitter today). Just in case, from a gift giving perspective we'd recommend good luck charms to help people through their potentially unlucky day. Which brings up another question... Is there such a thing as a bad luck charm? There we go again with the questions -- it's officially time to stop thinking too much about these things and switch over to a more festive gear... We're off to celebrate New Year's Eve.

Gift Guidelines

  • Good luck charm (frogs, pigs, ladybugs, horseshoe, rabbit's foot)

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