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Floating down the river on a tube, cruising down a canal, or on a boat by the beach, some people just feel the need to tailgate on water.

Sporting even such as college football and baseball are traditionally tailgating events. Occasions that center around water are great opportunities for tailgate parties; 4th of July, Labor Day, Graduation or End of School Party. Tailgating on water is the perfect fit for a Great Outdoors Couples Bridal Shower. Creative party folks can take fall and winter events and turn them into tailgating parties. With the introduction of more types of portable cooking appliances, more outdoor fun is possible and even easier than before.

[edit] Tubing

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Tubing is an old fashioned, low-tech way to enjoy the water during hot weather. Just gather a few old inner tubes or rafts, get together with some friends and float on down your local river or creek.

You can designate a tube as the "mule" and place your ice chest and other provisions in it and let it float along with the group. (Tip: It's best to tie this tube to another one - just so the food doesn't float away.)

Choose a spot downriver as a meal time destination or just go with the flow!

[edit] What is Boatgating?

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Boatgating, also known as sterngating, is tailgating by boat. Every school has it's own unique tailgating traditions, but Washington State and Tennessee are the only two venues in the country where fans can actually reach the schools by water.

Check out the sterngating options at the bottom of the University of Washington's Commuter Services web page.

Other areas also have boatgating traditions. When Florida plays Georgia, boaters dock in the shadow of Jacksonville's Riverside Stadium[1]. In Pittsburgh, there is access near some of the venues from the Allegheny River, Monongahela River, and the Ohio River.

Cooking on a Boat

Cooking on a boat has its own special challenges. Most of us aren't used to a kitchen as tiny as those on a boat, and we certainly aren't used to a kitchen that moves! The same tips as camping generally apply.

  • Choose meals that are as pre-prepared as possible.
  • Cut, bag and premeasure anything that can be done this way ahead of time.
  • Grilling is possible with a special boat grill [2] that attaches to the railing.
  • When carrying provisions (especially hot items), always leave one hand free to hold onto the boat. Use a bucket or deep pan as a tray to carry open items like cups of hot chocolate from the galley.
  • Some captains will allow a portable grill to be used onboard, with the correct safety precautions.
  • For some tips and recipes see the web site How to Cook on a Boat[3].


Be sure there is a First Aid Kit and fire extinguisher. Remember, you are probably not in a readily accessible area for emergencies, so keep that in mind while cooking.

Alcoholic beverages. Don't overdo it. Captians should know the rules about alcohol for the location they are moored in or the body of water they are traveling on.

To review boating safety tips, laws and regulations, see the U.S Coastguard Boating Safety.

[edit] Gifts for Tailgating by Boat

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  • Cooler or Ice Chest
  • Non-slip Dinnerware
  • No-spill Mug or Travel Mug
  • Moisture Proof Salt/Pepper Shakers
  • Unbreakable Glassware
  • Can Coozie or Hugger
  • Suction Cup Drink Holders
  • Deck Chairs

[edit] Gifts for the "Captain"

Boating or nautical themed gifts are a fun way to show your captain (and his/her "first mate") how much you appreciate their hospitality. Mermaid items are a classic type of nautical Host/Hostess gift, while pirate themed items are growing in popularity.

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Pirate flag01 sm.jpg

Bosun's Whistle
Insulated Wine Bottle Bag
Spill Proof Mug - Personalized with his name or favorite team
Beach Towel
Tropical or Boating Themed Music CD – Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffet
Captain's Hat
Sunglasses - Include a leash/retainer/cord

[edit] References

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