Singles Awareness Day

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When Celebrated

Always on February 15th


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About the Holiday

Singles Awareness Day is the alternative to Valentine's Day for single people. It is the day to stand up and say it is okay to be single. This day was created to allow singles to have a day to celebrate, exchange gifts and enjoy the company of all their single friends. SAD was originally on February 14th, Valentine's Day, but that was too depressing.[1] The day after Valentine's Day was chosen for the parties and get-togethers for all the singles to celebrate being single.

Gift Guidelines

  • Plan a party for singles only
  • Anything made for one

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  1. and eHow are a couple of prominent sites that state the holiday date is February 15th, though others like Wikipedia give its date as February 14th with alternate dates being the 13th or the 15th. Personally, we agree with the first two sources that it should have it's own day. Though, we also feel that it should be renamed to Singles Day to set more of a celebratory tone rather than that of a group that needs awareness.

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