National Call in Single Day

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When Celebrated

Always on February 14th


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About the Holiday

Valentine's Day is great for those in a romantic relationship, however, if you're single, do you really want to be in the office watching the constant flow of incoming flowers, candy, teddy bears and the accompanying "oohs", "ahhhs" and "how sweet!"? Maybe if you like hearing the sound of fingernails on the chalkboard. That's why we have National Call in Single Day, as being single should be a legitimate reason for not coming into the office on Valentine's Day. Today's the day to find your way out of the office to enjoy some precious "me time" that likely proves elusive for your non-single counterparts.

Gift Guidelines

  • Gift card for spa, pedicure, or facial
  • New shoes, dress, handbag
  • Wine tasting
  • An experience gift

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