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When Celebrated

Always on February 29th, every 4th year


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About the Holiday

Happy Leap Day!

Leap Day only occurs during a Leap Year, which provides an extra day in the calendar in order to synchronize it with the seasons. Therefore, a Leap Year will have 366 days in it versus a regular year that has 365. This occurs nearly every four years. The extra day is added as February 29th. If you're unique enough to have been born on a Leap Day, you are commonly known as a "leapling". Superstitions surrounding this day usually center around the proposal of marriage. In most English speaking countries, it is commonly considered a day when a woman may propose to her man. However, if you're living in Greece or Scotland, you may want to reconsider, as Leap Day - and even Leap Year - connotates bad luck in matters of the heart. And, since the day's name is "Leap", frogs are typically associated with this day's festivities.

Gift Guidelines

  • Anything Related to Frogs
  • Leap Day T-shirt
  • Leap Day Tie

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