International Sword Swallowers Day

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When Celebrated

Always on February 28th


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About the Holiday

International Sword Swallowers Day celebrates the art of sword swallowing. As some might think, the true act of sword swallowing is not an illusion. Though sword swallower doesn't actually swallow the sword, they do open the esophagus to the point where the sword can pass through down to the stomach. The first known sword swallowing is said to have occurred in in south India before 2000 BC. Do not attempt to celebrate this holiday at home. Except for the extremely few true professionals, it's better to be a spectator than a participant. ;)

International Sword Swallowers Day was first celebrated in 2007 and is organized by Sword Swallowers Association International, SSAI, and is co-sponsored by Ripley Entertainment. The month of February was chosen for this holiday because February is National Swallowing Disorders Month month and the events associated with this holiday help to raise money for esophogeal cancer research and to fund treatment of sword swallowers who are injured in the course of their work.

Gift Guidelines

  • Decorative sword
  • Trip to carnival or circus to see a sword swallower
  • Throat lozenges

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