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When Celebrated

Always on May 19th


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About the Holiday

Circus Day is a day of fun and adventure. Celebrate this day by visiting the circus and enjoying all the acts and people who work so hard to entertain you. From the acrobats to the clowns, a day at the circus is a day full of excitement.

This holiday marks the anniversary of when the Ringling Brothers opened their first circus on May 19th, 1884.[1] In 1919, the Ringling Brothers Circus was merged with the PT Barnum & Bailey Circus to form the now famous Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.[2]

Gift Guidelines

  • Tickets to the circus
  • Clown or circus figurine
  • Disney's Dumbo DVD
  • Box of Animal Crackers
  • Elephant, tiger, lion or other common circus stuffed animal
  • Balloon animals

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