St. Basil's Day

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When Celebrated

Always on January 1st


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About the Holiday

St. Basil's Day honors one of the forefathers of the Greek Orthodox church who was known for his kindness and gifts to the poor and the children. The date of January 1st marks this holiday as it is believed to be the day he died. St. Basil was known to come in the night and leave gifts for the children in their shoes. In Greece, St. Basil's Day tops Christmas as the main gift giving holiday.

The day is also celebrated with families and friends getting together for huge feasts, drinks and music. St. Basil's Cake is the traditional dessert for this holiday. The cake is made with either a gold or silver coin inside. The person who receives the piece with the coin is said to have good luck throughout the year.

Gift Guidelines

  • Leave presents in shoes for kids
  • Gifts to the poor
  • St. Basil cake

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