Salami Day

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When Celebrated

Always on September 7th


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About the Holiday

Salami Day celebrates this Italian meat that is cured, fermented and air-dried sausage and tastes great whether in a sandwich, on a pizza, or with cheese and crackers. Salami Day was created by the Salami Appreciation Society (SAS) in 2006 to bring attention to this overlooked deli meat. To make salami you grind meat and fat, add salt and seasonings, add it to casings, and then either air dry, smoke, or both. Different types of meat may be used including pork, boar, beef, or venison. The origin of the word salami comes from the Latin word "Salumen" which describes a mix of salted meats.

Salami is like pepperoni but is not spicy. There are more different types of salami than you think and are named based on the region that it's from and include: Abbruzzi, Cacciatora, Calabrese, Felino, Filzette, Finocchiona, Genoa, Genova, Hard, Milano, Napoletano, Romano, Soppressata and Varzi.

Gift Guidelines

  • Deli salami varieties

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