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When Celebrated

Always on August 23rd


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About the Holiday

Ride the Wind Day is a day to enjoy the last of the summer breezes. Whether it be flying in a human powered plane, hang gliding, flying a kite or taking a bicycle ride. The cold air will soon be moving in, so take this day to make sure you enjoy the warm wind on your face and let the breeze blow through your hair.

Ride the Wind Day is the anniversary of the first human powered flight to win the Kremer prize. On August 23rd 1977, the Gossamer Condor 2 flew the first figure-eight travelling a distance of 2,172 meters.[1]

Gift Guidelines

  • Kite
  • Hot air balloon experience
  • Hang gliding experience
  • Windchime
  • Garden spinner
  • Motorcycle ride
  • Bicycle ride

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