Fly a Kite Day

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When Celebrated

Always on June 15th


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About the Holiday

Fly a Kite Day marks the anniversary of Benjamin Franklin's famous kite flying in a thunderstorm experiment in 1752. In honor of the discovery of electricity (and kite flying), this a perfect opportunity to buy, or make, a kite -- and most importantly fly it! Ideal places would be a park or beach away from trees. Non-ideal/dangerous places are near power lines and thunderstorms (ahem Ben).

Kites have been around for thousands of years. The most common shape is diamond but today's kites come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. You can purchase a kite at most any department or drugstore. If you're looking to make your own, there are many sources online (, Storm the Castle, etc.) that can help you.

Gift Guidelines

  • A Kite
  • A Kite Making Kit
  • Book about Ben Franklin or Electricity

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