Renewal Day

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When Celebrated

Always on May 4th


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About the Holiday

We have yet to locate the origins of Renewal Day, though there many references to the spirit of the holiday and confirmations of it being celebrated on May 4th. A number of websites refer to this day is Relationship Renewal Day; however, we've found more credible references for this holiday being simply Renewal Day. This holiday provides a great opportunity to take a step back and find the parts of your life where you'd like to be renewed. It could be relationship, spiritual, professional, family or even your outlook on life. Every day is a new one and presents the opportunity to take a new direction. This holiday is our reminder of that.

Gift Guidelines

  • Self help book
  • Book of inspirational quotes
  • Experience gift for something they've never done but always wanted to
  • Gift certificate for cooking, gardening, dancing, wine tasting, etc.
  • Vacation
  • A green flower, which symbolizes health, good fortune, and renewal

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