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When Celebrated

Always the third Saturday of April


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About the Holiday

Record Store Day takes us back to a not-too-distant time when the local record store was not only the place to get the latest music, but a popular hang out as well. Back before the MP3s and the CDs, record albums played on the turntable were the preferred way of playing music in the years following WWII through the early the 1980s. Though eventually nearly phased out by the CDs, many audiophiles claim that nothing beats the true sound of music from vinyl.

This holiday was conceived by Chris Brown, and started by Eric Levin in 2007 to celebrate the unique culture still present in the over 700 independent record stores nationwide. Visit the official website for this holiday to learn more and to find independent record stores in your area.

Gift Guidelines

  • An LP
  • Record player
  • Trip to a record store

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