Old Maid's Day

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When Celebrated

Always on June 4th


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About the Holiday

Old Maid's Day is a celebration for women who have not married nor have any children at a non-typical age. To be referred to as an old maid, or spinster, some references cite this age as 35, while others suggest that it would be closer to 45 as a woman approaches the end of her child bearing years. This "defining" age, has probably increased over the years as couples have increasingly wed at older ages. Celebrations range from the humorous to that of proclaiming the desirability of the single life. Activities include girl parties, dating dances, and girls' trips.

Most sources point toward the end of WWII as the origins of this holiday. Due to the long war, many couples had postponed their weddings for a significant period of time, while many others had lost their boyfriends overseas during the war. At war's end, many ladies found themselves single and older combined with a shortage of marriageable men. Specifically, a few sources credit the holiday's origin to Mary Richards from Norristown, PA, who in 1948 thought that old maids should have a day of their own like Mother's Day or Father's Day.[1]

Gift Guidelines

  • Deck of Old Maid cards
  • Ladies night out
  • Girls trip
  • Membership to a dating service
  • Happy being single t-shirt

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  1. The Morning Call: At 60, Woman Is Celebrating Old Maidhood by Tim Darragh, June 6th, 1984

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