National Weather Observers Day

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When Celebrated

Always on May 4th


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About the Holiday

While we were unable to locate the origins of National Weather Observers Day, there are many references to it being celebrated on May 4th. It can probably be safely assumed that it is a day to celebrate people's fascination with the weather. Whereas National Weatherman's Day pays tribute to our weather professionals, this holiday can be interpreted to be more open to include anyone who is weather obsessed. If you tune into the weather channel more than twice a day, you probably are in this category.

Gift Guidelines

  • Weather vane
  • Thermometer
  • Weather station
  • A tour of a weather station or newsroom
  • An autographed picture, or satellite image, from your local TV or Radio weather person
  • Rain gauge
  • Weather Radio or Emergency Radio
  • Umbrella

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