National Violin Day

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When Celebrated

Always on December 13th


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About the Holiday

Violin or Fiddle whatever name you call it by, Violin Day is the day to celebrate this bowed string instrument. This instruments rich history dates back to 16th century Italy. This intricately made instrument has many parts, and the modern violin is made of 70 different pieces of wood. Today is the day to celebrate with any violinist or fiddler you know, and let them show off their musical talents. Or if you know a luthier, today would be a great day to get them a gift!

We were unable to locate the origins of this holiday, though many in the blogosphere have postulated that this day, being a couple of weeks before Christmas is a popular time for many school concerts which would feature the well-known instrument.

Closely related to National Violin Day is International Violin Day which is celebrated on June 17th.

Gift Guidelines

  • CD or MP3 of violin music
  • Violin music sheet
  • Violin pin or jewelry
  • Violin wall hanging or artwork
  • A violin

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