National UnFriend Day

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When Celebrated

Always on November 17th


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About the Holiday

Like a plant that's getting too big for its pot, there comes a time where a periodic pruning of the friend list is a good thing. National UnFriend Day is that day. Started by Jimmy Kimmel in 2010, this holiday was inspired by his view that Facebook was cheapening the meaning of friendship. When you see someone with a friend list 1,500 strong, its hard to disagree.

In case you're in need of some help getting started, here's our...

Top 10 Reasons to UnFriend Someone:

10. They post way too much
9. They're a stalker (they Like everything you post)
8. Your close friends don't get along with them (and you weren't that close to begin with)
7. They wrote something inappropriate on your wall
6. Too many Farmville or Mafia Wars requests for help
5. You're not sure why you Friended them in the first place
4. They're leaking sensitive info from your wall to your parents, boss, etc.
3. They're close friends with someone you're no longer friends with
2. They are no longer your friend
1. He/she broke up with you

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